Eye glasses and hearing aids,
and teeth that ain't real.
Being on dogged diets,
and can't eat my fill.
Dangling earrings,
or fluffy hair do's,
Mascara or eye shadow,
Nor granny shoes.

Tylenol or Ben Gay,
for aches and pain.
Doing aerobic exercise,
that causes me strain.
Jogging for hours,
out in the hot sun.
Or riding a bike,
that ain't no fun.
I'll eat a double decker sandwich,
drink a great big malt.
Eat taters and French fries,
with a whole bunch of salt.
I'll wear my hair short,
and join the old coots.
Wear faded out blue jeans,
and old worn out boots.
Ain't doing no exercise,
ain't running all day.
Ain't taking no Tylenol,
ain't using Ben Gay.
Ain't jogging or walking,
up and down no street.
'Cause riding a horse,
just can't be beat.

JAL  PaintHorseAcres