Cheyenne was much too skinny,
but when I saw that gentle face.
We went ahead and bought him,
and we hauled him to our place.
We fed him oats and timothy hay,
his gaining weight was a breeze.
But wasn't too long after that,
 he begin to cough and wheeze.

That old horse had allergies,
the kind that were real bad.
We had the vet check it out,
got the best medicine he had.
We didn't know about Cheyenne's problems,
it would have helped if we had known.
But the most important thing now,
is Cheyenne has a good home.

Cheyenne is such a gentle horse,
and he really wants to please.
Since Cheyenne came to live with us,
he has lived a life of ease.

Copyright ©  2001  Roy and Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.