Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, do I have something to tell or nothing at all?
Dear Milk, thanks for being there for my cornbread. You made such a difference. Cornbread is really dry by itself. Thanks Milk!
Did you ever see that commercial about the truck where the truck isn't mentioned? Well, this fellow didn't. Big Yeller Truck Co.
 We invited W for supper and wound up with BC instead. It's the static on our cell phone. I'm switching to The Gallop Phone Company.

I was out fishing the other day and heard this voice saying, fish is not good for you. I looked down in the water and said what are you, a fish? And it said, Yeah.
While waiting for the bus the other day, all at once this big billboard started searching through my shopping bag. Then it said, don't you know that you shouldn't buy distilled water? You should be buying spring water. In disbelief I shouted WHAT? About that time a lady started to sit down on the bench. Instead she gave me this weird look. I told her I just said, it was hot. She got up and left and walked home.
WOW! My boyfriend just won colas and a bag of peanuts for two. I just adore going out with these big spenders.
Thanks! Digital Data!  

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