Mommy help me write my name,
Mommy can we play a game?
Mommy does a snowman walk?
Mommy does a parrot talk?

Mommy help me tie my shoe,
Mommy is this color blue?
Mommy can I go out to play?
Mommy it's a sunny day.

Mommy help me comb my hair,
Mommy where's my teddy bear?
Mommy would you sing to me?
Mommy can I watch TV?

Mommy can we visit Gram?
Mommy can I have some ham?
Mommy why does Daddy work?
Mommy why does coffee perk?

Mommy I want a baby chick,
Mommy why do clocks tick?
Mommy where's my new hat?
Mommy, Mommy, what is that?

Mommy can I have a pony?
Mommy make some macaroni.
Mommy birds are in the tree,
Mommy, Mommy, come and see.

Mommy read my story book,
Mommy tell me what's a brook?
Mommy look there's a clown,
Mommy can we go to town?

Mommy is it going to rain?
Mommy I want a candy cane.
Mommy must I take a nap?
Mommy where's my dolly's cap?

Mommy why's grapes in a bunch?
Mommy is it time for lunch?
Mommy did you go to school?
Mommy why's the spring time cool?

Mommy I want a kitty cat.
Mommy I want a baseball bat.
Mommy I want a puppy dog,
Mommy I can walk a log.

Mommy is it time to eat?  
Mommy get my booster seat.
Mommy will you wash my face?
Mommy let me say the grace.

Copyright © 2001  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.