For you, my special husband,
You are special in every way.
You are my closest friend,
I thank God for you each day.

For all of my children,
That I held when you were small.
Friends you all too became,
I love you one and all.
For my sister and my friend,
Who's a friend indeed.
You're always there to listen,
In the time of need.
For Grandma, Mom and Dad,
Who are no longer here.
Your friendship was a special kind,
In my heart you're always near.
For all you e-mail friends,
Some I've never seen.
But you're a special friend,
On my desktop screen.
For my neighbor up the road,
A friend I can't forget.
I knew I would like you,
The first time that we met.
For all the other friends,
Some I seldom see.
I still think about you,
A friend you'll always be.
To all of you this Friends Week,
And the whole year through,
I wish for you the very best,
And these rosebuds are for you.

Copyright © 2001  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.