I looked at the mountain,
there was snow on the peak.
I looked down in the valley,
at the deer standing so meek.

I looked across the bridge,
where the fallen leaves lay.
I looked down at the water,
Where geese swim in the bay.
I looked up at the sky,
sun peeped through a cloud.
I looked at the garden,
that had just been plowed.
I know there will be peaks,
and there will be valleys too.
But with your help dear Lord,
I know I'll make it through.
There will be bridges to cross,
and the deep waters to wade.
But with your guidance Lord,
the right decisions will be made.
The days wont always be clear,
clouds will appear in the sky.
But I wont fret it none Lord,
I know you're always near by.

Copyright © 2002  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.