Playing in the shade,
 of the apple trees.
Picking wild flowers,
on bended knees.
Skipping a rope,
playing Jack Rocks.
Wearing saddle shoes,
and lacy frocks.

Games like hopscotch,
and hide and seek.
Going to the movies,
at the end of the week.

Walking to school,
walking home for lunch.
Picking daisies for Mom,
took her a whole bunch.
Aroma from pies,
in the oven to bake.
And on birthdays,
a very special cake.

Building a big snowman,
putting a hat on its head.
Making some snow cream,
before going to bed.

Walking to see Grandma,
that was a delight.
Catching some fireflies,
on a warm summer night.

Catching June bugs,
and watching them fly.
Watching ducks swim,
in the creek near by.

Puppies and Kittens,
and pets galore.
Browsing through,
the five and dime store.

Walking down dusty roads,
seeing birds in the trees.
The flowers in the meadow,
covered with working bees.

Seeing pretty horses,
in Grandma's barn.
And watching Grandma,
make things from yarn.

Picking blackberries,
to make some pies.
And gooseberries too,
that grew near by.

Picking up persimmons,
that fell to the ground.
And all of the papaws,
that could be found.
Sitting on a porch,
in a big wooden swing.
Listening to the swallow,
and the mockingbirds sing.

The time is gone,
when the child sits and plays.
But the memories still linger,
of the childhood days.

Copyright © 2001 Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.