Blessings that are sent daily,
from the Good Lord up above.
Count all the many blessings,
like a good home filled with love.

A wonderful husband's love,
that's always there without fail.
Children who have grown up,
and they all are doing well.

Sisters who always drop a line,
brothers that keep in touch.
Friends you always hear from,
that care for you so much.

Having food on the table,
money to pay all the bills.
Plenty of clothes to wear,
even a few extra frills.

The prayers that were answered,
and the blessings sent to you.
And for all the bad times,
the Lord has helped you through.

There are so many blessings,
that are sent to us each day.
Take time to say, thank you, Lord
for sending blessings my way.

Copyright ©  2001  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.