The LSIL computer virus is the deadliest virus known yet. It not only wrecks software but hardware as well. It has cause fonts to appear in all shapes and sizes and in a wide variety of colors. It has caused rectangle screens to appear ovals.

It has even been known to change e-mail addresses as many as ten times a day. This virus is sneakier than ole Geronimo ever was. It has an adverse affect on e-mail programs in that it deletes some of the tool bar icons and scrambles those that remain. It can make your messages invisible or hide them so that you never find them. It jumbles the mailbox protocol in such a way as to confuse the mail program. Seems the program cannot remember if you read your e-mail or if you deleted it so it may read your mail and delete it before you even know you've got mail.

It is rumored that this virus can cause cracks in the computer case and almost certain to cause the mouse's tail to fall off. It can also break out ax handles and wreck lawn mowers in less than a heart beat.

Some claim that this virus has caused messages to appear in foreign languages. It has been known to send messages to persons not on its mailing list resulting in said mail-ees responding to the mail-er with nasty-grams.

It definitely will not allow Talk and Type programs to work once the virus is contracted. It makes the Talk and Type programs to read out in gibberish which is caused by the program reverting to its original language of gibe and that causes the computer to lock up because computers cannot read gibberish.

Attempting to communicate with one of these infected computers makes one long for the days of the US Post Office and the snail mail with envelopes stuffed with pictures taken with the Brownie camera.

The virus has been traced back to a small community near Buzzard's Roost, at one of the homes there, fairly close to Hillbilly Heights. The virus has been dubbed LSIL, so named for its author, whom ever that might be.