Yesterday we were young,
I heard the lady say.
Why me and Daddy here,
worked sixteen hours a day.

We weren't always old,
we didn't always look like this.
Why back as a child,
I was quite a pretty Miss.

Although we both are old,
and my memory's getting bad.
There's one thing I remember well,
Daddy was such a handsome lad.

I remember the day we were married,
as I walked down the aisle.
That's one thing I wont ever forget,
Daddy's face covered with a smile.

We raised six children,
five girls and one boy.
Just like all children do,
they filled our life's with joy.

Today our children live far away,
and they very seldom get in touch.
Me and Daddy will always love them,
And, we both love them so very much.

We're here to go up the road,
to see our old dilapidated farm.
We sure do miss that old place,
and it can't do any harm.

We just want to take a look,
and tell our old home goodbye.
This will be our last visit,
then I heard her give a sigh.

Yesterday we were so young,
and today we are so old.
And, on the old home place,
there's a sign that reads sold.

Copyright © 2002  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.