Went to the kitchen,
and what did I see.
A big ugly bug,
staring back at me.
I ran to tell my husband,
a bug's in the house.
It's huge and it's ugly,
it's bigger than a mouse.
He went in to look,
and this is what he said.
Ain't no bug in here,
that's living or that's dead.
He said come and see,
There ain't any bug.
Not on the kitchen wall,
and not on the rug.
Now I know what I saw,
a big bug was in there.
And me going to look,
was more than I could bear.
I finally got the nerve,
and sauntered in to see.
It was a great big leaf,
I found staring back at me.
My husband began laughing,
then he laughed some more.
Took that awful dreadful leaf,
and tossed it out the door.
Though, feeling very silly,
I replied, quite smug.
You know it could've been,
A great big ugly bug.

Copyright © 2006  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.