Cowboy Jake traveled roads,
that were covered with dust.
Traveled roads rough and worn,
and roads he couldn't trust.
Roads with washed out gullies,
and roads full of bumps.
Roads that had lots of ruts,
and roads with big dirt clumps.
Roads that were all to pieces,
pot holes through and through.
Roads that needed repairing,
bad roads were all he knew.
There were the steep roads,
and roads that always bend.
The roads that went uphill,
that seem to have no end.
Jake asked the Lord one night,
as he knelt down to pray.
Why are the roads so rocky,
that I must travel every day?
Stay on the straight narrow roads,
the Lord said to Jake.
Always make the right decisions,
on the roads you will take.
You can follow the right roads,
and that is always true.
You can follow the wrong roads,
it's always left up to you.
As Jake got out his bedroll,
he knew what he would do.
He would take the right roads,
the Lord would guide him through.

Copyright © 2007  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.