Dear Kids

Well there it was, Saturday morning and time to make our every other Saturday trip to Wal-Mart and Sam's to get our provisions in case of bad weather or just plain ole hunger. I did the Sam's shopping while your Mom shopped at Wal-Mart. She had given me a list of what I should buy and I set out with the best of intentions to do just that. Well anyway I spied a box of Hershey's candy bars, you know the big'ens and I got a box. They weren't on the list but I figured since your Mom loves that kind chocolate I could get away with buying it. Then I saw a box or Reese's Whips and she likes them too so I grabbed one of them as well. I decided to not push my luck any more and just finished getting the stuff that was on the list.

I had put everything in the car and was returning the buggy to the buggy rack. I had to go past a Wal-Mart buggy rack to get to the Sam's buggy rack because of where I had parked. I pushed the thing into the buggy in front and headed back toward Wal-Mart to find your Mom. Just then a man who worked at Sam's popped up from nowhere and said, “Thank you very much sir.” For some reason he needed to talk a bit about people putting Sam's buggies in Wal-Mart's rack. He said, “You know as soon as you see them what they will do. And another thing, I have noticed that it's the older people that put the buggy in the rack where it belongs and the younger ones just leave them sitting where they unload them.”

Well I now I'm puzzled, because he never said where the middle aged people put their buggies. I hate being left in suspense like that.

Then a few weeks later when we went to Sam's and Wal-Mart again, I saw the man that takes the buggies back in Sam's. I asked him what the middle-aged people did with their buggies. He looked a little bit perplexed so I explained what he had told me a few weeks earlier about young people leaving them all over the place and the older people putting them back where they belonged and even racking them up, that's putting one inside the one in front.

He looked real pleased with himself and said he remembered.  The he began to explain about the middle agers. He said it all depends on how close to being seniors they are as to where they put the buggies. He said if they are getting pretty close to being a senior they will most likely at least put it in the rack but may not rack it in. But if they were just barely into middle age, most of them acted like the young ones and left them where they emptied it. And if they were about the middle of middle age, they probably shove the buggy toward the rack and forget it. Then he said, that's about it, but you can almost always tell what they are goin' to do.

I told him that I was glad to find out about the middle agers, that I had been wonderin' about that ever since he told me about the youngsters and the seniors. He just grinned real big.

By Roy Lovelace