She never grumbles or complains.
although she's going lame.
And when asked how she is,
she'll say she's just the same.
She doesn't get around,
all that good anymore.
Walking through the house,
is becoming quite a chore.
She thinks about the mountains,
where peace she always knows.
And way down in the valley,
where weeds sometimes grows.
When someone comes to visit,
she always invites them in.
When they start complaining,
she will sit there and grin.
She has so many problems,
but she never says a word.
Complaining from this woman.
not one has ever heard.
She often thinks about,
walking in others shoes.
There's so many troubled,
downhearted with the blues.
She's always thought that way,
says the Lord he holds her hand.
And he's right there beside her,
and she'll see the Promise Land.
She's got a special gift,
her mind is very keen.
The most amazing woman,
that I have ever seen.

Copyright © 2011  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.