“Mommy, Mommy, guess what, Mommy?” Stephanie said running in to the house. “Someone has moved in the old brownstone house next door. I met the little girl today and her name is Jennifer. She is my age. It will be so good having someone to play with.”
"I asked Jennifer, if she would like to swing on my new swing set, Stephanie said. "She asked her mommy, if she could play in our yard, and her mommy said yes. May we have an ice cream cone, Mommy? Jennifer lost her favorite doll when they moved. It's just like the doll you and daddy got for me. May I give the doll to Jennifer, Mommy, since she lost hers?"  
"Slow down, Stephanie", her mommy said. "Let me answer one question at a time. Sure, you both can have an ice cream cone. I will bring you and Jennifer one as soon as I finish drying the breakfast dishes. I'm glad you have a new friend living right next door. Yes, you can give the doll to Jennifer. I think that is very thoughtful you parting with your doll, since Jennifer lost hers."
Stephanie ran back outside. Jennifer and Stephanie were swinging on the swings most of the day.
"Can you come to play at my house tomorrow?” Jennifer asked Stephanie when her mommy said it was time for her to go home.
"I'm sure Mommy will let me." Stephanie said. "I'm glad you're going to be my friend, Jennifer."
"Me too," Jennifer said.

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