The old man sit at the table,
he bowed his head to pray.
Said, Lord, I want to thank you,
for the food we have today.
Not just for this thanksgiving,
but for the whole year through.
Lord, I'm so mighty grateful,
for prayers you answered too.
Don't need nothing fancy,
got everything we need.
Thankful this old house is ours,
and our name is on the deed.
You've kept me fit and healthy,
where I can do the hours.
Planting crops every spring,
and always send the showers.
Thank you for my wife, Sarah,
my life with her you've blest.
She works hard right beside me,
and very seldom gets to rest.
Lord, I'm so very thankful,
You've never let us do without.
Know you're here beside us,
and your love we'll never doubt.

Copyright © 2011  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.