Roy E. Lovelace

In early morn' we go to the barn
To give our horses feed,
We clean their stalls and bed them back
And see to their every need.
We check then over from head to hoof
To see that they are okay,
We turn them out on the pasture field
So they can run and play.
Sometimes we may saddle them up
And go out for a ride,
But if we do or if we don't
We're still quite satisfied.
We call them in and check them again
It's the end of another day,
We clean their feet and brush their coat
And give them more grain and hay.
We do this routine day in and day out
And we do it without remorse,
And it only makes sense to someone else
Who really loves their horse.

Copyright © 1998  Roy Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.