It was three days before Valentine’s Day while I was in the store doing my usual shopping. I had got my buggy and was headed toward the Pharmacy section when I spotted three people coming toward me. There was an older man and a somewhat younger man and a woman that looked to be about the same age. The men were walking very fast and the woman was almost in a run trying to keep up with them. They hurried to the barrels where Wal-Mart had chose to display their Valentine Teddy Bears. The older man picked up one of the cheaper teddy bears and began to swing it back and forth. But the younger man grabbed up the more expensive one. Just as he picked his bear, his, I reckon wife laid her hand on his shoulder and smiled. He lifted his bear up and kissed it on the nose. Then he hugged it, put its head across his shoulder and held it there with his left arm. He began to pat the teddy bear on the back like people do their babies when they think the baby needs to burp.

Some other woman seen him doing that and burst out laughing. At that point, his wife began to cackle. I mean she was laughing and pointing her finger at him but it didn't seem to faze him in the least.

By now I was past them so I couldn't see anything else that they may have done. I had been to the rear of the store and was about half way back to the front when I spotted them again. Sure enough the older man was still carrying his bear by one arm and swing it back and forth. But the younger man was still trying to get that teddy bear to burp. They disappeared down anther isle so I can only guess that he either got the bear to burp or is probably still beating it on the back.