Going to school daily,
learning to read and write.
Taking home our books,
doing homework every night.
Picking berries and canning,
making jellies and jams.
Putting out a garden,
corn, taters. beans, and yams.
Onions, okra, and apparatus,
squash, greens, and black eyed peas.
Picking apples, pears, and peaches,
from all the back yard trees.
Mowing with a push mower,
powered only by us.
Going to do our shopping,
riding the noon time bus.
Searching through the catalogs,
for clothes to pots and pans.
Most had about everything,
from stoves to jars to can.
Didn't have air conditioning,
got by the best we could.
Then when winter time come,
we had to chop up wood.
Cleaned house every weekend,
used a broom and a mop.
Washed the special glasses,
always watching not to drop.
There's more about those days,
but then things were better.
Everyone knew their neighbors,
in the mailbox was a letter.

Copyright © 2012  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.