Lord, I need to talk to you,
just one more time tonight.
The snow's getting deeper,
the cattle's not in sight.
Best I saddle up old Gus,
and reckon we best go.
'Cause we wont ever find 'em,
if we get much more snow.
The snow's much deeper,
and no longer can I ride.
Me and old Gus here,
we'll walk it side by side.
Lord, help us find 'em.
where ever that they stray.
Help us get back home.
help us find our way.
Look, Gus, there they are,
'neath that old oak tree.
The snow's blowing hard,
'I can't hardly even see.
We all made it home,
cattle's in their shed.
Dried off old Gus good,
there's straw for his bed.
Went on to the house,
wife walking the floor.
Thanks once again, Lord,
I couldn't ask for more.

Copyright © 2013 Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.