This is an easy way to make the baked apple fritters. Use Bisquick and the recipe for biscuits and however many fritters you want to make depending on the recipe for biscuits.

It depends on how many apples you want in your fritters how many you should peel to get ready, however for a dozen fritters six peeled apples would be good if you like a lot of fruit in your pastries.

Mix the dough after you have peeled and cored the apples and have sliced the apples the size you want them to be in your fritters. Once the dough is mixed add the apples and three cups of sugar depending on how many fritters you are making. Three cups of sugar would be for around twelve fritters.

Roll out the dough thinner than you would if you were making biscuits. Cut out the dough in the size you want your fritters. Bake at 350 until done.

Once the fritters are baked and cooled, you can make a glaze using powdered sugar to top the fritters or you can leave the fritters plain.