1. Boil four quarts of clear water to make it really hot.
2. Pour hot water over sixteen bags of tea.
3. Squeeze two lemons into the mix to make it sour.
4. Mix in one and three fourths cups of sugar to make it sweet.
5. Stair in three quarts of ice cubes to make it cold.
6. Pour some tea into a tall glass.
7. Raise the glass, say "here's to you" and drink it.
8. Tell your guests to help themselves.
9. Wait for the comments.
     A.  Needs more sugar.
          (1) Sugar junkie.
     B.  Needs more lemon.
          (2) Just loves the taste of lemons.
     C.  Needs more ice.
          (3) Drinks everything icy cold, even coffee.
     D.  Needs more tea.
          (4) Likes strong coffee too.
     E.  Too much sugar.
          (5) He's a dentist.
     F.  Too much lemon.
          (6) Don't like lemonade.
     G. Too much tea.
          (7) Prefers lemonade.
     H. Yep, still needs more ice.
          (8) Ice cruncher.
     I.  Of course I thought it was perfect.
          (9) After all, I made it.