I was shopping in the grocery store with every intention of buying ten can of tomatoes. One of the other stores had them on sale at ten cans for ten dollars. Of course I would just have them comp them for the advertised price. I worked my way through several isles and found those tomatoes only to discover that the store had only five cans of them left. Well I figured five cans was better than no cans so I grabbed them up and went on my way.
One of the other stores had cokes for a dollar ninety-eight each if you bought five cartons. That was no problem anyway since I always buy at least that many. I had several other things to comp from another store and so I went about finding them.
Finally when I got to the checkout I told the cashier the other store had the tomatoes on sale at ten cans for ten dollars but y'all had only five cans. She looked a bit perplexed and asked kinda sheepish, "how much is that apiece, or do you know? I said ten for ten, five for five, two for two or one for one and she almost hollered, "why that's a dollar apiece, ain't it?
I felt sure that she got her very first lesson ever in practical math that day. I thought to myself as I went out the door, glad I could help.