Sitting here thinking,
back to years ago.
When we walked to school,
in a foot of snow.
Wearing a homemade coat,
homemade knitted hat.
And brand named clothes,
we never heard of that.
There was no such thing,
as today's heat pump.
We carried in coal,
was frozen lump to lump.
Wringer type washer,
to wash all the clothes.
to empty the water,
used a bucket and hose.
Clothes were hung out,
they froze to the line.
Once they were thawed out,
there was no dirt or grime.
Started doing ironing,
at the age of nine.
Didn't take long at all,
until they looked fine.
Spring cleaning time.
washing windows and the walls.
Cleaning top to bottom,
from the ceilings to the halls.
Cooked on an old cook stove,
That used coal and wood.
kept everything cooking right,
the very best that we could.
Homemade cooking,
was put on the plate.
Whatever the meal was,
that's what we ate.
We had beans and cornbread,
corn and black-eyed peas.
We always said the blessing,
and thank you and please.
Water heated on the stove,
to get the dishes clean.
No hot water heater,
that we'd never seen.
Starting a garden,
always planting seeds.
Hoeing in the garden,
always pulling weeds.
Played ring around the roses,
we played hide and seek.
Anyone would lose their turn,
if they ever peek.
That was the simpler times,
and always chores to do.
But I liked those simpler times,
and now I miss them too.