Winter we built snowmen,
some would wear a hat.
Some were very skinny,
and some were very fat.
Spring running in mud puddles,
and running in the rain.
Pulling, blowing dandelions,
made a paper plane.
Summertime was swinging,
on tires in a tree.
Pinning tail on a donkey,
blindfolded, couldn't see.
Fall, raking up the leaves,
in a great big pile.
Jumping in and out,
entertained us for awhile.
No computers taking time,
no phones they now call smart.
No TV to watch reality,
or watching Hart to Hart.
Dirt from head to toe,
Momma had to scrub my head.
Bath time then over,
it was time I went to bed.
Dreaming about mud pies,
piled up in a heap.
Laying at my feet,
the old dog fast asleep.

There's lots of childhood memories,
from the end to the start.
And remember Momma saying,
well, bless her little heart.

Copyright © 2016 Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.