We were looking through the sales papers the other day to see if anything was on sale anywhere, and just happen to notice one of the Super Markets had brown caged eggs they said on sale for 3.99 a dozen, then that made us think of back when we were just  little kids around four or five years old and we both remembered our moms saying when they had to buy eggs at the store, I don't want any of those old brown eggs, They aint no good! Our moms were determined those brown eggs were not any good and they did not taste anywhere near as good as the white eggs did.
Another thing we remember it wasn't just our moms thinking the brown eggs weren't as good as the white eggs, their friends and their neighbors were the same way and they all had the same opinions, there was no way they would buy brown eggs, and since no one would buy the brown eggs back at that time the price of brown eggs were very cheap in price and the stores practically had to give the brown eggs away.
We both had quite a few chickens; however I think our moms must have told our dads to make sure they bought the kind of chickens that did not lay brown eggs, because the eggs we had for breakfast from our chickens always were white eggs.
We remember too the neighbors talking about they would eat the brown eggs if their chickens were to lay the brown eggs, however they weren't going to buy any of those brown eggs, because they just weren't any good. They weren't going to waste an egg their chickens lay, however they were not going to pay out good money for those brown eggs at any store was what we often heard.
Thinking back to how people were about the brown eggs way back in those days, then today people think the brown eggs are better, and are willing to pay quite a bit more for the brown eggs, since for some reason right now the brown eggs are the craze. We think an egg is an egg, and never did think there was a whole lot of difference in a brown eggs or a white egg, although we were told the only difference is the brown egg has a richer tasting yolk, and guess that is right when stopping to think about it.
Its funny too when people will pay more for the brown eggs and even the white eggs today, because they will say they come right off the farm when they buy them from a local farmer, and must say we do have to stop and ponder that one, and wonder where they think the eggs in the stores come from.