Thinking of another occasion about horse stories from the stable time, and things that happened along the way of the many years spent there running the outfit, and this one comes to mind.

We werenít too busy, busy enough during the week days, but not really busy, so the day the old man rode into the stable on this really nice looking Quarter Horse, we had the time to talk to him that day. The horse was very shining and very well groomed; he was a very pretty horse.

The old man told the horse to show off for the people, he said, youíre a Tennessee Walking horse, the horse right away went into the high lifting front feet, and he performed just like a walking horse would have.

Next the old man told the horse he was a Paso Fino Horse, the horse went in to the routine of the Paso Fino Horse, and he did the same as when he did the Tennessee walking horse and performed like a Paso Fino Horse.

Then the old man said youíre a show horse, the horse starting performing like a show horse strutting and proud of himself, he probably could have won if he actually had been in the show ring.

The old man then told the horse he was an old mule, and this was a sight to see, the horse was clopping along like an old Mule.

The old man then said, weíve showed off enough, Iím too old to get off, horse, so get down to where I can get off. The horse went to its knees, was on its belly, and the old man got off.

The old man said, horse, after he was off you can get up now.

After talking a bit longer the old man said, horse, we have visited long enough, you know Iím too old to climb on, so get down so I can get on, and the old horse did the same as before, the old man got on, said old horse, letís go, and they rode off.

We could see that old man had spent an enormous amount of time with the horse, teaching him the things he had, and also we could tell the horse really loved that old man as they do when someone is really good to them, and they will do anything in the world they can for that person.