Hey Grandpa, What kind of computer did you have when you were little?

Well, Jake it was like this. We didn't have much, but nobody else did either so we didn't feel like we were poor.

There weren't any computers. Hardware was something like a hammer or hoe or an ax to cut wood with that was bought at the little hardware store in town.

A mustang, pinto, colt, pony, and bronco brings to mind a majestic animal, not a car. A Rabbit wasn't a car either. It was a bunny that hopped around through the fields.

There wasn't any car washes. If a body was lucky enough to own a car they washed it themselves. That is if they had the time to spare.

There was no Super Stores, but we had  five and dime stores. You could actually buy things for a nickel or a dime too. There's not much you can buy for a nickel or dime today.

There were no such things as fast food restaurants. There was a little ice cream stand, and you could get a hot-dog for a dime at the pharmacy. Plus a big iced coca cola for a nickel.

We toted our lunch to school in a paper sack. It sure was good too. Momma made sure she put a good nourishing meal together for us kids.

We had an old radio and we listened to the Grand Ole Opry every Saturday night. There was no such things as television, tape decks, or stereos.

There was a couple of movie theaters in town. Sometimes we got to go watch our favorite western hero on Saturday. But only if we had all of our chores done.

Most folks didn't own a telephone. If they lived close enough they would holler back and forth. If they lived too far away to holler, they visited on Sunday evening.

Sometimes I wish I could go back, but then again, maybe not.