By Jo Ann J. Lovelace

Don't eat your toys, there's stuffings on the floor,
Don't chew on my boots, don't gnaw on the door.
Don't eat the rug, just look at that,
Don't tear up my socks, don't eat my straw hat.
Don't tear up the newspaper, don't bite the cat's tail,
Don't pull on the drapes, don't rip up the mail.
Don't jump on the couch, don't jump on the bed,
Don't drink from the commode, stay out of the bread.
Don't chew on your water bowl, don't chew on your food dish,
Don't bother the bird, don't bother the fish.
Don't jump on visitors, don't chew on their feet,
Don't chew on their hands, their shoes you don't eat.
It seems like only yesterday you were just a pup,
But you're a big dog now because you grew up.
And you're such a good dog in so many ways,
But you know, I kinda miss those little puppy days.

Copyright © 2000 Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.