By Jo Ann J. Lovelace

Just a note to say how's it going,
and hope you're doing fine.
There's not too much happening here,
but I thought I'd drop a line.
Our cat just swallowed the gold fish,
it was gone in just one gulp.
But it made the cat feel yucky,
and then she threw it up.
I've been down in my back,
and been dead on my feet.
I can't seem to get myself going,
can't get up off my seat.
I've got an abscessed tooth,
had a migraine for a week or more.
Today I couldn't find my glasses,
and I ran into the door.
Got rheumatism in my shoulder,
can't shake these awful migraines.
I've got arthritis in my knees,
 and my body aches when it rains.
It was just the other day,
I bent over to pick up a sack.
Lo and behold wouldn't you know,
I messed up my sacroiliac.
I have a stuffed up nose,
but that's really no big deal,
What kinda hurts me, though,
is the spur that's in my heel.
I've got this ringing in my ears,
and I've got gout in my big toe.
I've got these ingrown toenails,
and now I've got tennis elbow.
The bathroom faucet is leaking,
and the commode will not flush.
There's a big hole in the roof,
and the dog just ate my hair brush.
I hear grandpa yelling,
gotta go see what's the matter.
Bees chased him into the creek,
and, oh, my, what a splatter.

But things couldn't be any better,
and there's nothing more to tell.
Everything here is going fine,
hope you and yours are well.

Copyright © 2002  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.