Roy Lovelace

I recently bought one of those newfangled keyboards that has the middle raised a bit and the keypad sort of split in the middle too. You know the ones I'm talking about, they were built by Gnomes, no kidding. These keyboards have been around a few years and have really caught on real good. Seems like when people find out how these keyboards came to be, they just have to have one. So here's the story.

Once upon a time in the land of Gnome there lived a wise ole king named Ergo. King Ergo was no ordinary king. He was king of all the Gnomes in Gnome land. His son Ic (that's pronounced Ec) worked in research and development at the Gnome University in Gnomesville near where his father lived. Ic had majored in computer design when he was in college there.

Ic invented this strange looking keyboard and immediately set about to come up with a good name for it. Of course it goes without saying that all inventions in Gnome land were named after the Gnomes in one way or another.

Ic, being the good Gnome and loyal son pondered many possible names for his new keyboard. He tried wavy-Gnome keyboard but no one was interested. He tried the broken-Gnome keyboard and still no one wanted to buy the keyboard. Then it came to him to name the keyboard after his father, their homeland and himself. So he called the keyboard Ergo, in honor of his father and Nom, that's short for Gnome land and finally Ic for himself because he was the inventor. He put all three names together and Voila! The Ergo-nom-ic keyboard was born. Isn't that amazing?

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