I don't wanna go back,
to being a kid.
Or do all the things,
that I once did.
Had housework to do,
til everything was clean.
Cleaned all the windows,
and dusted each screen.
Went to the store,
Walked more than a mile.
Had to get lye soap,
was no Ivory or Dial.

Had the yard to mow,
Had to pick up the rocks.
Do all the laundry,
and iron all my frocks.
Washed all the dishes,
and swept every night.
Looked at a book,
by oil lamp light.
Wished for things,
from the catalog page.
Took care of the canary,
and cleaned his cage.
Watched the rain fall,
thought we might need a boat.
Hoped it would stop,
before the house went afloat.
Put patches on clothes,
Made quilts from old rags.
Carried lunch to school,
in old paper bags.
Cooked a pot of soup beans,
made corn pone that was round.
and then give a bath,
to Jiggs our old hound.
It's nice remembering,
years ago what I did.
But I don't wanna go
back to being a kid.

Copyright © 2001  Roy and Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.