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"I'm sure Mr. Harrison's horse is smart enough to know her water's in the barn where it can't freeze," Timothy's mother said. "She wouldn't try to get water from an empty water trough."
"Please look out the window, Mom," Timothy pleaded. "You'll see that Princess is really in the water trough."
"Princess is in the water trough," Timothy's mother said excited when she looked out the window. "Mr. Harrison's phone number is on the pad next to the telephone. Call him and be sure to explain what happened. I'll go over and try to keep Princess calm."
"Mr. Harrison" Timothy shouted when Mr. Harrison answered the phone. Princess fell in her water trough."
"Now, Timothy," Mr. Harrison laughed. "You're letting this imagination thing get out hand. "It was just a few days ago that you were telling me Princess talked to you as you passed by going to the store with your mother."
"It's true, Mr. Harrison," Timothy sobbed. "Princess slid and fell in the trough."
Mr. Harrison decided that Timothy wasn't just imaging things, and told him he would be home right away.
"Mr. Harrison's coming home," Timothy, shouted pulling his toboggan tightly over his head as he ran across the road. "Is Princess alright, Mom?"

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