A Jack of all trades
is a master of none.
So pick out a trade,
and get the work done.
Now a willful waste
will be a woeful want.
You better be saving,
you'll want if you don't.
Don't ever be biting off
more than you can chew.
'Cause you'll be regretting it
 if that's what you do.
Always make hay
while the sun is shinning.
There ain't no cloud
with any silver lining.
You can't have your cake,
and then eat it too.
You better be deciding
what you want to do.
Two wrongs is something
that never makes a right.
Nothing good ever comes
from a thing done in spite.
You can lead a horse to water,
but you can't make it drink.
Can't make people do something
or tell them what to think.
You'll always reap
whatever you sow.
So it's best that you get
all your ducks in a row.
Where there's a will,
there's always a way.
So find a solution
and don't take all day.
Beauty is just skin deep,
but ugly goes to the bone.
So live your life right
or the beauty will be gone.
Don't be counting your chickens
before they have hatched.
'Cause you might not have
any chickens to catch.
Always do things right,
or don't do them at all.
And that isn't a choice,
 so get on the ball.