Just a few weeks ago while watching TV, our beloved local weather guesser paused briefly to tell us about the Foul Weather Frog and the Fair Weather Feline. These were little programs that you could download to your computer. He described the operation of these two programs and how they worked together. He explained the convenience of having these programs on ones computer. The attracting feature of the Foul Weather Frog and the Fair Weather Feline was that the frog would croak when foul weather was approaching. When the weather was going to be fair the cat would lay in the sun and purr.
Being loyal fans of our local weather guesser, we proceeded to download the two programs. And as promised, they set themselves up completely after we entered our zip code. In fact they actually took over our computer. So much so that every time we wanted to use the computer for our own personal use, we had to argue with the frog and the cat for about fifteen minutes because they insisted the computer not be used for anything except the weather.
Usually we could win the argument before the mouse died. The fair weather feline was especially rough on the mouse. Every time we would click Cancel, the cat would slap the mouse pointer away. So we bought a good supply of mice and settled down to the routine of arguing with the frog and cat and replacing the mouse.
Day before yesterday it was windy all day long. The birds flew about frantically looking for something. The horses were uneasy, the cows were nervous and one of our groundhogs whistled frantically. That evening we went to the barn to feed our horses. After that chore was done we were returning home when we noticed some small clouds churning up in the far western sky. When we were about half way back to the house the clouds had become very large and were turning black as coal. By the time we got in the house it was starting to rain. The wind was blowing the lawn furniture all over the deck. We hastily prepared a cold cut supper, afraid that the power would go off and we would be unable to cook a meal.
I looked out the window and told my husband that when this is over, you will have to go get your tractor and baler because they just blew over into the neighbor's field. The wind roared, the lightening flashed and the thunder rolled then my husband said yep, I think we're in for a storm. I asked if it was going to get any worse and he said it probably will before it gets better.
I asked, shouldn't we get into the root cellar and he said, yep, I'd reckon. My husband grabbed a couple of sleeping bags and a jug of water. He told me to bring the peanut butter crackers. We made our way to the root cellar and crawled into them sleeping bags and blew out the kerosene lamp. The roar of the wind wasn't nearly as loud in the root cellar and we drifted off to sleep.
We awoke the next morning and peeped out to discover our home was in shambles, I mean it was a pile of rubble. So we began looking through all that rubble to see how much of our belongings were still here and how much had blown away.
We found the computer and my husband carried it over to the utility pole and plugged it in. I sat down on a rock and powered up the computer. There was the foul weather frog croaking as loud as he could. I said shucks, I ain't going to fight with this thing, I'm just going to see what else he has to say. The program opened and the alert button was flashing wildly. Since there was the possibility that another storm was coming our way, I clicked the button to see what we were in for this time. The screen went black briefly then in bold, brightly flashing text the frog informed us, YOUR HOME WAS DESTROYED AND Y'ALL ARE DEAD! Then the feline pops up purring with text in bright bold letters informing us, it was going to be a beautiful sunny day.
I commenced flicking the debris off the keyboard so I could see the keys better, I know AlGore put a save key on here someplace. Aw, here it is, DEL.