Stop and smell  the flowers
as you go through your day.
Count the many blessings
the Lord has sent your way.
Stop and hear the birds singing,
a beautiful sound to hear.
Thank the Lord he's with you,
because he's always near.
Stop and feel  the rain drops
as they fall  from above.
Don't forget to say thank you Lord
 for sending us your love.
Stop and see the beauty,
it's there for all  to view.
Thank the Lord every day
for watching over you.
Stop and touch someone's life
that needs a helping hand.
Ask the Lord to bless them
spread joy throughout this land.
Stop and say a prayer
before going to bed each night.
Ask the Lord to bless this country,
pray everything will be all right.

Copyright © 2001  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.