Just got your e-mail,
hope you're doing fine.
Not much going on here,
but will drop you a line.

Can't read the newspaper,
the print it's too small.
They keep making it littler,
and I can't see it at all.
Then there's the cat,
poor thing's lost its voice.
It's mouth is working,
can't hear it of course.
They moved the store
way up the street.
And walking that far
sure does hurt my feet.
Someone moved the mailbox,
it didn't use to be that far.
Now to get in the mail,
I have to go in the car.

Steps have been added
going to my porch floor.
Now I need an elevator
 just to get to the door.
They don't make brooms
like they use to be.
I was trying to sweep
and messed up my knee.
These new fly swatters
ain't no good to buy.
'Cause I threw out my back
trying to swat a fly.
But I ain't getting old,
things just ain't the same.
I would sign this message,
but I just forgot my name.