Looking at the world,
through the window pane.
We have been blessed,
the Lord has sent us rain.
Apple trees have blossoms,
flowers are beginning to bloom.
Being blessed by another day,
there is no room for gloom.
The Dogwoods are blooming,
what a beautiful sight.
The stars will fill the sky,
when it clears up tonight.

The birds are singing,
squirrels are out and about.
Rabbits hop through the meadow,
Bees are doing their route.

The groundhog looks around,
then goes on his way.
The raccoon climbs a tree,
and ducks swim in the bay.
The crickets are chirping,
butterflies are in flight.
Dew sparkles on the leaves,
the sun now shines real bright.
The mocking bird is in a tree,
high upon the hill.
He's mocking the tune,
of the lonely whippoorwill.

The Robin spreads its wings,
and soars toward the sky.
It's in search for food,
it has babies near by.
Horses graze in the fields,
cattle are chewing on their cuds.
ponies are trotting and playing,
and deer race through the woods.
The old dog is sleeping,
beneath the shade of the trees.
The cat's on the porch,
enjoying the cool summer breeze.
Then you look out the window,
and see your best friend.
She's coming by to chat awhile,
and ask how you have been.

Looking at the world,
through the window pane.
We see all of God's creations,
and the friends we have gained.

Copyright © 2001  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.