Grandma had many hardships,
that life so often brings.
She had her faith in God,
and didn't dwell on material things.

Grandma had a special smile,
the sweetest I've seen yet.
She always had that special smile,
for everyone she met.

I can still see Grandma,
sitting in her rocking chair.
She would sing, I'll Fly Away,
while she was sitting there.

I remember going to see Grandma,
when I was very small.
She never said a harsh word,
about anyone at all.

Grandma told of her childhood,
she spoke of her Mom and Dad.
I could hear the love in her voice,
for the loving parents she had.

Grandma was always there,
no matter what the need.
Always doing acts of kindness,
or doing some good deed.

Grandma was someone to look up to,
and like her I wanted to be.
And the one thing I wanted most,
was for Grandma to be proud of me.

I never knew my Grandpa,
he passed away when I was small.
But he had to be a special Grandpa,
if he was anything like Grandma at all.

Now on this Grandparents Day,
while looking at the family tree.
This is something that I know now,
Grandma was always proud of me.

Copyright © 2001  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.