Remember Granny's bonnet,
she wore working in the sun?
Hoeing weeds in the garden,
she was always on the run.

It had these tiny little flowers,
the background, it was white.
She wore the bonnet all day long,
and she hung it up at night.

At the little country feed store,
the perfect feed sack she would seek.
From which to make that special bonnet,
she would wear to church each week.

There's no more flowered feed sacks,
like Granny bought in the past.
Feed sacks now are made of paper,
that are tossed out in the trash.

Those bonnets were really beautiful,
though, from feed sacks they were made.
Too bad those flowered feed sacks,
from the old country stores did fade.

Copyright © 2001  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.