I've got everything I need,
got a roof over my head.
Got a warm mornin' heater,
got a big ole feather bed.

I've got a nice big garden,
got lotsa food to eat.
Got clothes to keep me warm,
got boots for my feet.

There's a wash on the line,
the wind is a gettin' cold.
There's snowy white diapers,
the little woman has to fold.

I've chopped wood for the stoves,
the house is warmer than toast.
There's a fat hen in the oven,
the little woman's gonna roast.

I've got a purty good radio,
I can hear anything that's new.
and I've made enough money,
to pay all the bills that's due.

I've got my family's love,
can't ask for nothing more.
It's kinda got me ponderin',
What's the definition of poor?

Copyright © 2001  Roy and Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.