I might be getting old,
but I ain't lost my grit.
Tho my git and go,
has just decided to sit.
I'll just have to remember,
when my git up could go,
And I'll git to moving,
tho it will be kinda slow.
I may not can hear,
all there is to be heard.
Don't make no difference,
should I miss a word.
There's a lot of things,
I'm still able to do.
Ain't gonna be feeling,
downhearted nor blue.
I've got hills to climb,
and roads to go down.
There's bridges to cross,
and to see a new town.
And at any given time,
when things git a bit rougher.
I'll just have to decide,
to git a little bit tougher.
Now my git up can sit,
and I'll wear a smile.
'Cause my git up will go,
in just a little while.
Copyright ©2001  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.