Mom gets up early,
ties her hair with a bow.
Ties on her bonnet,
she's got a garden to sow.

Then it's time to cook,
and her apron she ties.
Ties curtains back with cords,
then shoos out the flies.
She ties on a bandana,
for her youngest son.
Ties her daughter's belt,
her work is never done.
Combs the twins hair,
then she ties their shoes.
She ties a bib on the baby,
that gurgles and coos.
She ties a ribbon on a gift,
then ties on a gift tag.
ties the package with string,
she's mailing to Aunt Mag.

She stops for a minute,
to tie the kid's rope.
She ties up the clothesline,
scrubs clothes with lye soap.

Gets ready for church,
and she ties her sash.
Then she ties on a scarf,
and she's gone in a flash.

The wind is banging the gate,
ties a kerchief on her head.
 ties twine around the gate,  
then it time she goes to bed.

Copyright © 2002  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.