It was the night before Christmas,
when I had this dream.
There was ham and potatoes,
and pie with whipped cream.

Sugared coated yams,
and gravy galore.
Rice pudding and cranberries,
who could ask for more?

Egg nog and hot chocolate,
and home made bread.
Buttered corn on the cob,
candied cherries so red.
Rich chocolate brownies,
cakes covered in icing too.
And all kinds of candies,
filled plum full of good goo.

Baked Alaska and apple dumplings,
broccoli covered with cheese.
a twenty pound turkey,
and creamed style peas.

Then a note popped up,
said on this Christmas morning.
All the food on this table,
comes with a dire warning.

Don't touch the ham,
it has calories galore.
Them mashed potatoes,
they have even more.
The sugared coated yams,
are loaded with fat.
Don't eat pudding or cranberries,
don't touch none of that.

The egg nog and hot chocolate,
are loaded with fat calories too.
Don't touch the cakes nor pies,
you'll get fat if you do.

Baked Alaska and apple dumplings,
they are off limits too.
And so are the creamed peas,
and candies loaded with good goo.

Don't touch the home made bread,
don't eat any buttered corn.
So just look but don't eat,
on this here Christmas morn.

JAL  PaintHorseAcres