Y2K Bug
Roy E. Lovelace
The Y2K bug came into my house
at first I thought the intruder was a mouse.
But things started happenin' that wasn't quite right
That'd make an old guy like me kinda get uptight.
The oven turned on all by itself
and a bag of flour bounced off the shelf.
The mixin' bowl found its way to the counter with ease
the bread pan was there too and it was already greased.
The flour, milk and shortenin' were mixed up in a snap
in a couple more winks the biscuits were cut out.
On the pan, into the oven, the biscuits started to brown
and suddenly I was aware of a real familiar sound.
My skillet on the range on the right front eye
two eggs in the skillet were startin' to fry.
Then bacon popped out of the microwave real neat
it musta been the kind you just heat and eat.
When it was all on the table it was really some spread
and a funny lookin' knife was puttin' butter on the bread.
I was about to eat, then thought I'd better wait
just then a glob of jelly plopped down on my plate.
Then the coffee was poured til it filled my cup
and I knew that was the signal for me to eat up.
Then I ate all this breakfast on New year's Day
that was prepared by a bug called Y2K.

So think it over folks, you don't need to think twice
the Y2K Bug is much better than mice.  
 Copyright © 2000  Roy Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.