Went to the doctor,
'Cause my toe was sore.
They Ex-rayed and Ex-rayed,
Then Ex-rayed some more.

Then was sent next,
To be scan by a cat.
Least that's what they said,
Ain't believing none of that.

Then shoved through a machine,
They called an MRI.
My toe felt no better,
But guess they did try.

They saw what they thought,
Just might be a spur.
Sent back to be scanned,
By a cat that don't purr.
The cat concluded,
There wasn't no spur.
What could a cat know,
That don't even purr.
Was sent back again,
for an Ex-ray or two.
They said you broke your toe,
So, don't be wearing your shoe.

My toe is still sore,
It's black, purple, and blue.
Cost me five thousand dollars,
to be told don't wear my shoe.