Pets ask for so little,
and they give back so much.
They just want a kind word,
and a nice gentle touch.

The horse is very special,
and has a gentle trait.
Will always come to meet you,
at the barnyard gate.

Dogs sleep at your feet,
and then sits up and begs.
While cats purr real softly,
and wrap around your legs.

A pet is very special,
from a hamster to a hen.
A duck, donkey, or billy goat
with hair on his chin.
Pets don't care if you're rich,
or if you don't have a dime.
If you give them fresh water,
and always feed'em on time.
Pets will always love you,
and will be your very best friends.
And they will remain loyal,
til their time on this earth ends.
Be kind to your pets week,
a week we should all remember.
But, be kind to your pets,
from January through December.

JAL PaintHorseAcres