By Jo Ann J. Lovelace

"Starr Brite, Starr Brite," her mother nickered excited. "Where are you Starr Brite?"
"Over here," Starr Brite neighed softly as she jumped up from the ground shaking the dust from her once snowy white body.
"Starr Brite!" her mother nickered scolding her. Why did you make yourself so ugly?"
"No one will play with me," Starr Brite nickered,  "They don't like me because you're always bragging about me being pretty."
"Come with me!" Her mother neighed. "We must clean
you up before anyone sees you."
"Now that you're clean," her mother nickered a mumble holding a water hose in her mouth. "We'll go and visit Abby mare."
"Don't talk to Starr Brite," Abby nickered to her little jet-black colt Bobby. "She's much to pretty to play with you."
"Well!" Starr Brite's mother's neighed, her nostrils flaring. "We'll just visit with Nancy Mule."
Nancy Mule saw them coming. She quickly hid behind a stack of hay in the barn.
"I see your ears Nancy Mule." Starr Brite's mother neighed loudly. "There's no need trying to hide from us."
"I'm tired of hearing you brag." Nancy Mule brayed, her long gray ears flopping back and forth. "So are all the other animals."
"Look Mommy," Starr Brite nickered excited. "There's Ginger. May I play with her?
"I suppose," her mother neighed a whisper. "She's not very pretty though."
Ginger was playing with the other fillies and colts. "You're too pretty to play with us Starr Brite." They all nickered together. "We don't want to play with you."
"Meow," meowed Hortense the yellow fluffy Persian cat. Feeling sorry for Starr Brite she Rubbed her furry body against Starr Brite's legs.
"Meow!" growled Hortense's cat friend Mrytle. Her short black hair was bristled in anger. Her green eyes were wide; she didn't like Myrtle being nice to Starr Brite.
"Enough of this nonsense," oinked George the pig as he wiggled his shiny pink nose. "Everyone in this barnyard should be friends."
"Cluck," clucked Paula the chicken. Her speckle wings flapping. "I'll be Starr Brite's friend."
"Cock-a-doodle-doo," crowed Mister Fred Rooster, strutting around showing off his bright red feathers. "I don't agree. Why should I be Starr Brite's friend?"
"Moo," mooed Lena the cow. "Her huge white and black spotted body wobbling as she walked. I think we should be Starr Brite's friend."
Soon they were neighing, mooing, braying, meowing, oinking, clucking and crowing all at the same time. Arguing who would and who would not be Starr Brite's friend.
"Arf," barked Charley the black and tan German shepherd dog because he was awaken by the noise. He leaped to his feet and jumped off of the porch then raced to the barnyard.
"Arf!" Charley barked, his pearly white teeth showing. "Everyone quite down this instance. What's the reason for all this commotion?"
"It's my fault," Starr Brite nickered. Her head held low. "They don't like me because I'm pretty."
"Don't like you because you're pretty!" Charley growled. "That's silly."
It was silly the other animals finally agreed and decided they would all be Starr Brite's friends.
"Arf," barked Charley going back to the porch to continue his nap. "How ridiculous not to like someone because they're pretty. I'm handsome and everyone loves me." He grumbled as he drifted off to sleep.

Copyright © 1995 Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.