Nothing needs to be fancy,
A flower need not be a rose.
It can even be some wildflowers,
Whatever you might have chose.

It could be a dandelion,
Maybe a tiny buttercup.
It could be just a daisy,
that would cheer a person up.

The gift need not be fancy,
No need for a fancy bow.
Something to show you care,
And to let the person know.

No need for fancy paper,
To use to write a letter.
Notebook paper will do fine,
The note makes one feel better.

No need for fancy e-cards,
Simple e-mails will do fine.
Letting it be known you care,
By dropping them a line.

Nothing needs to be fancy,
It doesn't need to be new.
Nothing needs to be fancy,
Just a simple hug will do.

Copyright © 2002  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.