What song would you think of to fill in the blanks?

1. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? On Top Of Old Smokey

2. If you could travel anyway you wanted, what transportation would you choose? Mule Train

3. What's your favorite dessert? Penny Candy

4. What's your favorite pass time? Lookin' Out My Back Door

5. Favorite boy's name? Rueben James

6. Favorite girl's name? Amanda

7. Do you like a large or small town? Little Bitty

8. What's your favorite clothes? Tight Fittin' Jeans

9. What's your favorite drink? Cool Clear Water

10. If you could go anywhere, where would it be? Along The Navaho Trail

11. What is your favorite pet? The Old Gray Mare

12. How close is your closest neighbor? Across The Alley

13. What is your favorite house? My Adobe Hacienda

14. Where do you live? Apartment Number Nine

15. What's your favorite cloth? Blue Velvet

16. What is your favorite piece of furniture? Grandma's Feather Bed

17. When did you graduate? Class of 57

18. What is your occupation? Everyday Housewife

19. What is your favorite place to be? Home On The Range

20. What's in your attic? I Really Don't Want To Know

21. What do you think of today's TV Shows? It's Only Make Believe

22. What did you eat this evening? Jambalaya

23. What would be your best advice to give your child?  You've Gotta Stand For Something

24. What is your favorite fruit? Little Green Apples

25. What was your favorite toy as a child? Old Toy Trains

26. What is your favorite flowers? Wildwood Flowers

27. What's your favorite stationery? Pretty Paper

28. What's on your mouse pad? Three Little Fishes

29. Who's your favorite hero? My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

30. What's your favorite plants? Tumblin' Tumble Weeds

31. What is your favorite days? The Good Old Days

32. Who is your neighbor? The Farmer In The Dale

33. What is one of your least favorite things? Itsy Bitsy Spider

34. What does your grounds look like where you live? Green Acres

35. What is your favorite place to shop? Amarillo By Morning

36. If you could go back and talk to anyone, to whom would you speak? Hawliga

37.  What's your best friend's name? Julie

38. What is your highest ambition? I wanna Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart

39. What is one of your favorite things to do? Counting Flowers On The Wall

40. What's the best advice you can give a friend? Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes

41. Where does your closest friend live? Down Yonder

42. How do you manage your finances? Easy Come, Easy Go

43. What time do you go to bed? Every Night At Nine

44. How tall are you? Five Foot Two

45. What did you say when Clinton left office? Goody Goody

46. If you had one request of your Grandpa, what would it be? Grandpa, Tell Me About The Good Old Days

47. Where would you like to be right now?  Back In The Saddle Again

48. Where were you on graduation night? At The Hop

49. What is the one thing you would do to make your town better if you could? Close Every Honky Tonk In Town

50. How are you feeling today? I'm The Happiest Girl In the Whole U.S.A.